Magic Treehouse: Pirates Past Noon KIDS Audition Registration
Auditions for Pirates Past Noon will be on Monday, January 7, 2019. Once your registration is received you will be contacted with a specific audition time and additional audition information. Please review the rehearsal schedule and indicate any conflicts you have on this form.

You will need to upload a picture in order to complete this registration. A current picture taken on a cellphone with a plain background and nothing obstructing the face is acceptable. Important Tip: The purpose of the photo is to help us remember you, so do not provide photos of you wearing a hat, holding a pet, soaking wet on the beach, or with any portion of your face covered by sunglasses/goggles/facepaint/masks/etc. The person auditioning should be the only person in the photo. "Recognizable" is absolutely more important than “cute,” and being able to see your whole face is important. Also, make sure that it is a current picture, and not one from several years ago. A current school photo is a great example.

Callbacks will be Thursday, January 10. All those auditioning are asked to come for the dance call from 4:30 to approximately 6:00p Some will be asked to stay later to sing again.

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