Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice Funding Application 2018
Sierra Club Chapters and National Staff should use this form to apply for funding for the People's Climate Movement National Day of Action on September 8. Please be as thorough as possible!

This is a Sierra Club form. Please do not share externally.

Email chelsea.watson@sierraclub.org with any questions. If you are a FAR organizer or are a member of the 2018 PCM Statework Program with questions please email kaydrianne.young@sierraclub.org.

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If you are a volunteer, has the Chapter you're working with approved this event? Who is your staff point person for planning this event?
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Please submit an itemized budget request. Be sure to indicate if something has already been paid for.
If we are unable to fulfill the total budget for the event, where will the rest of your funding come from?
Please confirm that you have read the compliance guidelines, available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B15x23WzCaWXLVRWTkR2VkFvdHQyMWVma0ZNR010UVNwYWhV/view?usp=sharing
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