Application for LDS Earth Stewardship's Par Rasmusson "Let's Do Service" Mini-grant
LDS Earth Stewardship's mission is to honor the Creator by living and testifying of Latter-Day Saint principles of earth stewardship.

This grant is for small to mid-sized groups who want to organize an environmental service project in their local area and need funds in the $100–$500 range to do so. Projects ought to: make a difference, engage volunteers in a meaningful way, and help people understand the value of caring for our earth.

Depending on how many applications we receive each year, this may be a competitive process, but we look forward to funding as many projects as we can.
Email address *
First and last name *
Name of your organization, group, ward, etc. (if applicable)
Phone number *
Tell us about your project! *
Where will it be held? Who will be involved? Why is this project needed at this time?
How much money do you anticipate you'll need for the project? (funding ranges from $100–$500) *
How will you teach faith-based principles of earth stewardship to the volunteers? *
For example, you might read a scripture or hold a short devotional; passages from the Bible or other religious texts are appropriate for interfaith groups. If your group is not allowed to share religious devotionals (like at a public school or institution), you may choose to host a sharing session where each person tells why caring for the earth matters to them.
Where will you carry out your project? *
(at this time, we are only able to accept applications for projects in the United States)
How many volunteers do you aim to recruit? *
No wrong answer here: more doesn't always mean better; aim for a size appropriate for the project.
What kinds of volunteers do you hope to recruit? *
All projects must be completed within 6 months of receiving the funds. The funds must be spent only on project-related expenses such as supplies (gloves, rakes, plants, trash bags, etc.), volunteer appreciation (snacks, post-event thank yous, etc.), or advertising (printing, flyers, etc.). Check the box to indicate that you understand and agree. *
Failure to comply will disqualify you from future funding.
All projects that receive funds must submit a grant report upon completion of the project. This report must include three things: 1. metrics of your choice (such as number of volunteers engaged, trees planted, or acres cleaned up), 2. photos that can be shared on social media and our website, and 3. a short narrative describing the event and its success. Check the box to indicate that you understand and agree. *
Failure to comply will disqualify you from future funding.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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