Impro School Placement Auditions November 10th

Please take a moment to read the info below and fill out the questionnaire to confirm your registration for the Impro School Placement Auditions.

The Impro School holds placement auditions twice a year. They are an opportunity for new students to get advisement on which class to take within the Impro School and for current students (and very advanced improvisers) to audition for the Impro School Conservatory. If you have little to no improv experience, there is no need to audition. It is recommended that you start with Intro to Narrative Improv!

The Placement Audition will take place on Sunday NOVEMBER 10, 10 AM - 2 PM.

Wear comfortable clothing. Bring water. Bring energy. And be ready to play!

It will be a low-pressure group audition, similar to an improv jam. We will assign hour-long time slots to auditioners, so let us know below if you have any conflicts on the day.

If you are auditioning, it is for one of the following reasons:
1. You are at an intermediate level of improv, and you wish to audition to skip the Intro to Narrative class and jump straight in the CORE program with PHYSICAL CORE.

2. You are at an advanced level of improv or you have received teacher recommendation through the Impro School, and you wish to audition for our Conservatory class starting in JANUARY 2020.**

**For brand new students to the Impro School, no matter what, you will be required to take the Physical CORE class before being considered for Conservatory. Physical CORE introduces students to several important Impro-specific concepts and values.

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