Indie Prize Nomination Partner Form
Indie Prize is an international scholarship program for indie developers that receives more that 1000 game submissions during the year. We are happy to collaborate with game developers' events all over the globe and provide their winners with a scholarship to attend the international Indie Prize showcase along with the world's best indie developers. Please read the agreement bellow and fill in the form if you want to be considered as an Indie Prize Nomination Partner.

the prize will be provided to the partners best game only after the partner send an email with an introduction of a winner with a link to an official announcement of the winner at their site/blog/social media with a picture of a winner and a cheque/prize that Casual Connect provides.


1. Place Partner’s logo on the Casual Connect conference website in Indie Prize Nomination Partner bar.
2. Place Partner logo on Casual Connect’s printed program.
3. Share partner’s posts in the Indie Prize Facebook group about our collaboration and any photos/posts about the winner who is awarded with our prize (please tag and/or send the links to after publishing the post so we can share it).
4. Retweet partners posts (please use #IndiePrize and tag MoshkaryovaYuli so we can retweet it).
5. Mark the game that is nominated by our Indie Prize nomination partners with a logo and a flag of the partner’s country on roll up banners with the list of games.
6. Mark the game that is nominated by our Indie Prize nomination partners with a logo and a flag of the partner’s country on table information sign.
7. Note on which partner nominated the game
8. The Partner may choose one of two award options:
option #1.
Award an Indie game developer a spot in Indie Prize. Details about this option are provided in point 8.1 below.
**Note: this option is only available if the partner hosts or sponsors a local contest with a fair contest for the best indie game that is selected by group of jury - industry professionals. The games that compete in the local contest should be in a playable form and have at least 10 minutes of gameplay. In all other cases, option number 2 is to be selected.
option #2.
Award one free all-access pass for a game developer to attend Casual Connect. More details are provided in point 8.2 below.
8.1. Present the winning game at your contest with a scholarship to take part at Indie Prize
• a guaranteed spot in the upcoming Indie Prize showcase.
Important: you must introduce us to the winner at least 65 days before the Indie Prize date so we can provide the winner with the spot in Indie Prize showcase;
• two free standard passes to Casual Connect to network with game industry professionals
and showcase the game at the international Indie Prize showcase with the developers from all over the world;
* Notes:
1) Casual Connect passes non transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
2) The prizes cannot be passed to another developer, only the awarded game can receive the
3) We do not provide with free accommodation for the further shows starting from Casual Connect Europe 2018 in London.
8.2. Award one free pass to Casual Connect as a prize to a game developer of your choosing. The pass includes access to all of the networking events and mingles, lectures and the Indie Showcase area. No other cash or expense benefits are provided.


1. Promote the Indie Prize Scholarship programs to your membership via website logo placement/ newsletter/ regular posts on social media (up to 3 posts during the month before the submission deadline) for all Indie Prizes during the partnering year.
2. Promote the indie games and studios that will showcase the games at Indie Prizes via blog/social media/ any other possible way. You can promote developers from your country, the developer that you nominate to the Indie Prize or all the developers of Indie Prize showcase.
3. Optional: Nominate a winning game from your region to showcase at the upcoming Indie Prize. Important: you must introduce us to the winner at least 40 days before the Indie Prize date so we can provide them with a spot in Indie Prize showcase.
4. Print a ticket to Casual Connect and give it away during the Award Ceremony. The ticket is located on the last page of this document. The ticket will not be valid if you, the Partner, do not introduce the winner to Yuliya at least 40 days before the Indie Prize date.
5. Promotional Option: you have the opportunity to submit a guest post/article to our game news site: . Please inform Yuliya if this is of interest and she will help you to proceed.
6. Inform your developers about our submission deadline prior to the deadline via email blast, your blog, social media, articles and/or any other means that will inform all the developers from your event/ community about the Indie Prize submission deadline. Please contact Yuliya at to receive the information that you need to share about the deadline. Send one copy of your promotional messages to
7. Send a report (screenshots, links, copy of emails) of your promotion, outlined in points 1-7 of this agreement, to Yuliya

NOTE: Kindly note that the partnership is considered as confirmed after you send a link to the official post/announcement about collaboration to

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