Water Aerobics Private Sessions or Hydro-Physical Therapy Sign Up Form
This Google Form is to register for private water aerobics sessions at one of our community pool locations OR a location of your choice. This Google Form can also be used to register for hydro physical therapy. All of our water aerobics teachers are water aerobics certified and all of our hydro physical therapists are also certified to lead sessions. This is perfect for people looking for customized low resistance, but effective and challenging workouts in the water or people looking to rehabilitate whatever they may need to in the water. Please fill out all of the needed information below!

Water Aerobics Private Session Prices:

Base Prices
1:1: 30 minutes-$30.00||45 minutes-$40.00||60 minutes-$50.00
2:1: 30 minutes-$40.00||45 minutes-$50.00||60 minutes-$60.00
Group of 3-4: 30 minutes-$50.00 minutes||45 minutes-$60.00||60 minutes-$70.00

1:1 Bundles
30 Minutes: Pack of 4-$100.00, Pack of 6-$150.00, Pack of 8-$200.00
45 Minutes: Pack of 4-$140.00, Pack of 6-$190.00, Pack of 8-$240.00
60 Minutes: Pack of 4-$180.00, Pack of 6-$230.00, Pack of 8-$280.00

2:1 Bundles
30 Minutes: Pack of 4-$130.00, Pack of 6-$200.00, Pack of 8-$270.00
45 Minutes: Pack of 4-$170.00, Pack of 6-$240.00, Pack of 8-$310.00
60 Minutes: Pack of 4-$210.00, Pack of 6-$280.00, Pack of 8-$380.00

Group of 3-4 Bundles
30 Minutes: Pack of 4-$160.00, Pack of 6-$250.00, Pack of 8-$320.00
45 Minutes: Pack of 4-$200.00, Pack of 6-$310.00, Pack of 8-$400.00
60 Minutes: Pack of 4-$240.00, Pack of 6-$370.00, Pack of 8-$500.00

Hydro Physical Therapy Session Prices
1 session: 45 minutes-$50.00||60 minutes-$60.00
4 sessions: 45 minutes-$160.00||60 minutes-$200.00
8 sessions: 45 minutes-$300.00||60 minutes-$380.00

For answers to questions you may have please reach out to our Regional Water Aerobics Director: Maliyah Douglas
Phone Number: (678)-208-3629 ext. 702
Email: mdouglas@northsideswimacademy.com

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