Winter's Hollow 2017 - Designer Application

Winter's Hollow is a dark winter themed shopping market in Second Life.

As the seasons change to winter many forget of the dark magic of this season. This event is to bring to light those of us that still like it spooky even in the happy holiday cheer of Christmas. All designers are welcome but priority will be shown to those that dabble in the dark arts of witchcraft, Goth, Victorian, magic, whimsical, dark Christmas and spookiness in general.

This event is an intimate shopping market with approximately 24 Quality Alternative Designers.

Please note this is not a horror event. A little blood splattered snow is ok but don't go overboard. Think more winter magic and beauty with a twist of the dark side mixed in.

Theme: Winter, Witchcraft, Gothic, Solstice, Victorian, Dark Christmas

*** Designer Rules & Requirements ***
1. Must create 1 new exclusive item in the event theme. This item is included in the 25% off Discount
2. Extra items are welcome. All extra items including the exclusive should be marked 25% Off and must be in theme.
3. Accepted stores must rezz the event poster in or near your main store
4. Fees must be paid in time or risk being replaced
5. Landing Point Spot: 1250L - This gets you the very first stops off the landing point.
- Only 4 available - Same size shop but with landing point bonus and 40 Prims for items and unscripted decor)
6. Regular Spot fee: 950L$ NO refunds (30 prim spot for items and unscripted decor)
7. Extra prims: Additional 200L for 20 Prims (can be purchased at any time by Landing Point or Regular spot holders)
8. For this fair we will accept approx 24 - 26 designers. If space allows more may be invited.
9. Single prim vendors only - Scrolling vendors are not accepted and will be returned.
- Vendor systems such as e2v or casper are ok as long as the follow the no scrolling vendor rule.
- CasperVend users please use the event vendor scripts in them!!
10. No scripted decor and decor needs to be set as phantom. This helps with Lag.
11. For furniture or pose stores the script rule/scrolling vendor rule may be over looked if you put out a demo.
- No adult demos please.
- If you would like to put a teleport sign up to a place where people can test your adult demo you are welcome to do so.
12. Optional fun:
- 5L Dark Winter Hunt - gifts in the hunt item must be new and reflect your stores quality and style
Note: at least 10 stores opt in and commit to this option for it to be an addition to the event
- Solstice Tree Gifts are welcome but not required for this event.
We will have a special area to put them if you would like to donate a gift in the spirit of the season.
Gifts are designers choice they can be products, store credit or gift-cards

*Please see our website listed below for a full up-to-date list of rules & info

*** Important Dates ***
11th November - Application deadline
20th November - Payment deadline
3rd - 6th December - Set up
7th December - Booth Checks - (Between 9am & Noon SLT)
** Your setup must be 90% complete by Booth Check Day or your booth will be curtained and you risk being replaced! **
8th December, 1pm SLT - Winter's Hollow Begins
28th December, 1pm SLT - Winter's Hollow Ends

Hope you will join us!
~ Event Owner: Bcreative Wilde ~

Visit Dark Passions Events:
- Website:
- FB:
- Flickr:
- SL Office: (WIP)

*** Special note: this event will be held on mainland. I just thought I should warn you in case you dislike events on mainland.***

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