Feather and Mane "Mentor" Questionnaire
Please fill out best as you can. If you have more to add or what to clarify your answers with more detail then please feel free to email us at featherandmane@gmail.com under the topic "Mentor Questionnaire"
What is your name and email address so we can contact you when we find a perfect match?
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Please explain what you do and what you feel your experience with your small business/blog has taught you thus far. Please include your physical Location and your Social Media Handles
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How many hours are you willing and able to commit to meeting/interacting with your Mentee during the 1 month of Mentor-ship?
What kind of personality would you say best describes you? (check all that apply)
What Forms of Communication work best for you? (You can Pick more than one)
What Would you Consider are your strengths when it comes to running your Blog/Small business? (pick all that apply)
In What area's do you feel you have little knowledge? (refer to previous list and explain if needed)
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What hours of the day are you available? (check all that apply )
How often would you be willing to take on a "mentee", Knowing that It is just a one month commitment with the "mentee"?
would you consider hiring your Mentee if it seemed like a good fit?
Although we are looking to match you as a mentor, would you be interested in being mentored?
What are the reasons you are looking to be apart of our Mentoring program
Thank you for taking the time to apply to be one of our Mentors. We will carefully consider the information you provided and do our very best to match you with a mentee who we feel you can impart the most wisdom to. Please feel free to add any additional information you may feel we could use to help make your match as perfect as possible. (Likes, interests, hobbies, concerns, limitations, etc)
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