Albemarle County draft Economic Development Strategic Plan survey
Albemarle County’s focus on economic development has developed significant momentum in recent years. The County has taken a very deliberate, thoughtful, and strategic approach that works within the framework of the community’s vision as established in the Comprehensive Plan and other established policy items. This has included the adoption of the Target Industry Study (2010), creation of the Economic Development Office (2015), and restructure of the Economic Development Authority (2016). The next critical step in advancing the County’s Economic Development Program involves a Strategic Plan that identifies the most immediate priorities and guides the hiring of a new Director of Economic Development. This draft plan is evolving through active participation of the Board of Supervisors, Economic Development Authority, staff Economic Development review team and interested stakeholders. The draft plan will provide a framework for consideration of a more developed plan by the Board of Supervisors in July 2017.

We invite community stakeholders to respond to the questions below in order to refine and further develop the draft Economic Development Strategic Plan this summer. To review the full draft document, please visit:

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