Skyline Writers' Circle New Member Survey
We're using this form so that we can get to know everyone a little better and see where they are at on the writer's journey. We also want to know what members are interested in and what they would like from the group. Nothing is required except your email address, which we'll only use for group communications, but all answers are helpful.
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What kind of writing do you do?
Have you ever been published?
What are you working on right now? If nothing, is there something you are planning or thinking of writing?
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If you are working on something right now, what stage are you at?
Do you plan to publish within the next three years?
For Skyline Writers' Circle, what type of meeting format would you prefer? If you're unsure, check the ones that interest you.
If you are interested in speakers and/or craft workshops, what topics are you most interested in?
Would you be willing to help the group in an administrative or organizational fashion?
If you are willing to help out, what are some things you can offer the group?
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Did I forget anything that you want to mention? Please note it below.
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