Corporate Water Stewardship & California Water Security
The CEO Water Mandate and some members of the California Water Action Collaborative are exploring specific opportunities for the business community to make positive contributions to the success of the California Water Action Plan.

New water stewardship initiatives emerging from this project will engage business leaders, state and local government agencies, policymakers, urban and rural communities, and water management experts.

YOUR PARTICIPATION in this survey will draw attention to successful collaborative water projects across the State, and inform the development of new water stewardship initiatives to meaningfully address California's short- and long-term water challenges.
What is included in this survey:
SECTION 1: Background Information
A brief INTRODUCTION to corporate water stewardship initiatives.

SECTION 2: Share an Example
HOW ARE COMPANIES CONTRIBUTING to water stewardship initiatives in California?

SECTION 3: Share an Idea
WHAT COULD COMPANIES DO to help solve California's water challenges?

SECTION 4: Your Organization

SUBMIT your response.

If you would like to share more than one example or idea, please follow the link at the end of the survey to submit another.
If this is your FIRST TIME completing this survey, we recommend reviewing all sections to further develop a shared understanding of corporate water stewardship and its potential in California.

If you return to SUBMIT ANOTHER example or idea, you may use the options below to navigate directly to the appropriate section(s).

We appreciate your time and willingness to share your knowledge and expertise. Thank you!
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