Do you... like jackets?
Hello, hello!

We are an ethical clothing brand that has been receiving mentorship through Factory45 , "an online accelerator program that takes sustainable apparel companies from idea to launch."

You've been invited to fill out this survey, because we think you fit the type of people we would love to cater to (a.k.a. we think you're cool). We're one step closer to knowing what kinds of products we want to produce but we're curious to know what your take is on FOR JACKETS. If you do complete this survey, we would like to add you to our special discount list once we've rolled out our first line! :-)

All the best,
Jessica and Joanne
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When you shop for jackets, what factors do you care/not care?
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What do you wish more jackets have (HMMM... maybe POCKETS)? *
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