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Lakeland Highlands Middle School Physical EducationInstructional Focus: The focus of our Physical Education program for grades 6th- 8th is on health related physical fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility, and body composition). These concepts will be covered through a variety of activities to build knowledge, skills, and values necessary for the development, implementation, and maintenance of a physically active lifestyle. Some of the curriculum will also be covered in the classroom, so that students can apply these skills to physical activities.Targeted Activities:1. Fitness Testing using the Fitnessgram testing protocols.2. Team Sports3. Group Activities4. Personal Fitness Activities5. Classroom EducationClassroom Rules:1. Be on time for class2. Come prepared (PE uniform, proper shoes, socks, paper and pencil)3. Show respect to others4. Stay in seat at appropriate times5. Speak at appropriate times6. Stay in authorized areas7. Keep hands and feet to yourself at all timesRequired Materials: Each Student is required to have his/her:Official LHMS P.E. uniform or loose fitting basketball type, plain black athletic shorts (No: jeans, spandex, or short shorts such as cheer shorts), and a plain gray athletic t-shirt (No: logos/markings, polo type collars, v-necks, scoop necks, buttons, tank tops, muscle shirts, etc), and athletic/tennis shoes (No: cleats, boots, sandals/Crocs, slip-ons, flip flops, boat shoes, or dress shoes). Students are assigned a locker to use during class. Students are responsible for keeping all items locked up in their locker during class. Students will need a lock for their locker. The Master brand lock is recommended as it fits through the locker holes the best. No key locks, or laser/remote locks.Personal Items – Students may store deodorant (roll on or stick type), soap (bar type), hair brush/comb, wash cloth, and a towel in their locker. No glass bottles, sprays (aerosol or pump), or lotions are allowed. No food or drink allowed. Attendance/Grading:If a student is in attendance at school, s/he will be asked to participate in class. The physical education grades are computed as follows:20% Responsibilities: Includes dressing out, respecting the equipment and each other, etc.80% Participation & Procedures: Includes giving appropriate effort, sportsmanship, evaluations/testing, following rules & classroom procedures.Make-up Work: Any excused absence from class will require a written make-up assignment. The only exceptions are school-related absences such as field trips, concerts, etc. These are considered school business and are not absences. For each absence that you choose to do the writing assignment, you must turn in a handwritten 1 page report within 2 class periods of your return. Please see your coach for instructions on how to complete the report.Excuses: A. If a student is not going to participate in class due to illness/injury, s/he is to bring a note from a parent/guardian/nurse.B. If a student is to be excused for more than 3 consecutive days, a doctor’s note will be required.C. If a student is to be limited in participation, a doctor’s note will be required.Miscellaneous:A. No Jewelry. B. No food: includes gum, seeds, candy, drinks, etc.C. Anytime there is an injury, notify the teacher immediately.D. Lost & Found items will be in a designated area in the locker rooms, or the Main Office.E. If something is stolen during class, notify the teacher(s). The potential for lost/stolen items will be reduced by locking the items in the student’s assigned locker.F. All electronic devices need to be locked in lockers and not brought out to the PE fields/courts.Restroom/Water FountainStudents may use these areas before they leave their designated locker rooms and upon returning to the locker rooms.Assigned Seats:Each student will be given an assigned seat. Students will remain seated on their seat until given permission to move.LHMS PHYSICAL EDUCATION GUIDELINES1. You will enter and exit the locker room through the back door (by the basketball courts) except during bad weather. The Polk County tardy policy is strictly enforced, so be on time.2. Foolishness/horseplay/dangerous behavior or excessive noise will not be tolerated. When inside, use indoor voices and classroom behavior. When outside, always follow directions and play safely and fairly.3. Do not bring glass bottles, glass mirrors, aerosols & sprays, or lotions. They are dangerous and are not allowed.4. Food, gum, candy, seeds, drinks, etc, are not allowed in P.E.5. No one is allowed in the coach’s office or the locker room without permission and supervision.6. You are responsible for your own belongings. Do not leave anything unattended. Please keep your belongings locked in your locker and do not let anyone know the combination. There is to be no sharing of lockers.7. Hats, sunglasses, and water bottles are not allowed unless medically necessary. You must provide a Dr.’s note.8. Electronics are not allowed. This includes ipods, phones, games, headphones, speakers, etc. If you bring it, then lock it up in your locker.9. Always remain in your designated area. In severe weather, wait for instruction and then move into the locker rooms quickly and quietly. During fire alarms, move to the designated area at the track with your coach.10. Showers are recommended, but are not required. Only those with towels will be allowed in the showers.11. Abusing school property (this includes graffiti) will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.12. Harassment, intimidation, and bullying will not be tolerated in any way.13. Keep your hands to yourself (No pushing, shoving, hitting, touching, grabbing, tugging, etc.)14. Each student will be given an assigned seat. Students will remain seated on their assigned seat until given permission.15. Lost items are not the responsibility of LHMS and/or the PE Department.16. Emergencies: Remain calm and listen/follow your coach’s directions.
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