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2. (For organisations) Please add your organisation's postcode (ie. the postcode which represents the centre of the area covered by the majority of your members or the postcode of your main contact) (please add n/a if not applicable)
3. (For organisations) Roughly how many people does your organisation reach? (NB. This is to help support our funding applications)
4. (For organisations) Have you sent HGN your logo and/or photo to be used on our website and newsletter?
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5. (For organisations) We are a network organisation and want to share what you are doing so please add your Organisation's core purpose/ vision/ marketing statement (if applicable) (please add n/a if not applicable)
6. (For organisations) Which subject areas does your Organisation cover?
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10. Membership Fees are not compulsory but go some way to support the work we do within the county. Our membership year runs from April to March and the recommended membership contributions can be found below. If you are able to pay on this occasion, please click the amount chosen. Some people make a small contribution of £1 - £5 per month by standing order and this makes a huge difference to our work *
The easiest way to contribute is by BACS to: Herefordshire Green Network, Sort code: 30-91-91 (Lloyds Bank), Account number: 29138760. If you able to contribute, please let us know if this is the method you will be using:
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