Classroom Survey
Directions: Please answer the following questions as honestly as you can. Keep in mind that the goal of this survey is to improve our class and help me help you to learn more and be more productive.
1. My teacher makes me feel as if she really cares about me. *
2. My teacher really tries to understand how students think about math problems. *
3. Students in this class treat the teacher with respect. *
4. Our class stays busy and does not waste time. *
5. My teacher has several good ways of explaining each topic we cover. *
6. My teacher explains difficult things clearly. *
8. In this class, we learn to correct our mistakes and learn from them. (correction sheets) *
9. My teacher makes lessons interesting. *
10. I like the ways in which we learn in this class. *
12. My teacher respects my ideas and suggestions. *
13. My teacher checks that we understand when she is teaching us. *
14. The comments I get on my work in this class help me understand how to improve. *
15. Being in this class makes me feel like I am ________________ in math. *
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16. I wish my teacher knew...... *
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17. Please list several ideas that would help the teacher improve our class? *
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