Apeksha Maharashtrachya: Water (Urban)
Delivering Maharashtra is an initiate to know the Expectations of Maharashtra. This year we will be looking at the sectors from women's perspective / अपेक्षा महाराष्ट्राच्या या उपक्रमाचा मुख्य हेतू नागरिकाच्या अपेक्षा जाणून घेणे हा आहे. ह्या वर्षी सर्व सामाजिक प्रश्नांकडे महिलांच्या दृष्टीकोनातून बघण्यात येईल.
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Does your house/flat has tap water connection? *
Do you get water supply every day? *
How many hours in a day you get water? *
Do you get sufficient amount of water? *
Do you get clean and quality water? *
Is any of your family member has got ill with water-borne disease in last 2 years? *
How frequent you have/ your society has to call a tanker service or fetch water from nearby open source? *
Do you see/ experience leakage of water pipeline in your locality very often? *
Do you think, just like electricity or cooking gas, metering system must be adopted for water distribution? *
Does your building has installed rainwater harvesting system? *
Is the rainwater harvesting system is working? *
Is the state govt. / municipality employing enough efforts to solve water issue in your locality? *
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