Prank Request Submissions - 2018
What's up OP Crew? Summer's just around the corner, and I want to try out some pranks for upcoming holidays and events. I need your help to find the BEST people to prank. Please fill out the form below if you know of someone who would make a good prank target, and who would potentially react well to one of my calls. I am looking to build pranks around the following themes:

- Mother's Day/Father's Day
- Ramadan
- Prom/High School or College Graduation
- Fourth of July
- Summer Vacations
- Pools/Beaches/Swimming

If your request is outside of these categories, feel free to submit them! The more detail the better :)

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Prank Request Theme
Suggested Ownage Pranks character to use
Which of my prank characters would likely get the best reaction out of them?
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Prank concept idea *
Please provide some background on the prank target. What should be brought up to really get the person going? What are their pet-peeves and how can I really get under their skin? The more detail the better!
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How do you anticipate they will react to this concept?
Will they be upset? argumentative? amused? playful? Any potential insight is appreciated!
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I might call you beforehand to get any final details on the prank target. I won't be pranking you, I promise :)
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I might reach out to you for more information via e-mail, if for some reason I can't reach you on the phone
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