RGers for Black Liberation
Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge about Black-led groups and projects advancing Black Liberation; you can review what we mean by Black-led organizing for Black liberation here: http://bit.ly/1LxneaV. We seek to compile as substantive a list as possible, particularly those that are overlooked by institutional philanthropy.

The current list, with over 175 organizations, was published on April 13th, 2015. You can see the interactive map here: http://bit.ly/BLBLsupport. Please note that it may take us a few days to process further submissions to be added. A collection of RG leaders have committed to continuing to update the list through 2015.
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1) What is the name of the group or project? *
2) Who is a primary contact person? *
3) What is the primary website or URL? *
Can be .org, another website, a blog page, or on Facebook. (No Twitter handles, please)
4) What is your name? *
In case we need to follow up or find out anything more.
5) What is your email? *
6) Additional contact info for the primary contact?
Telephone numbers and email addresses, please. Mailing address is optional. Direct lines are preferred; no info@ email accounts.
7) Where is the group or project located?
If there are multiple chapters or offices, please list the headquarters or primary location.
8) What is the mission or purpose of the group/project?
Cut + paste. Keep it brief. And captivating enough to make people want to click through and learn more.
9) What is the scope of the group/project?
Clear selection
10) What kind of structure is the group or project?
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11) How and where can gifts be made?
If mail, please ensure that mailing address is listed on website or that you include the mailing address in Question #4 above.
12) Is there an individual donor fundraising campaign underway?
If yes, what is the intended goal? That ends when? It is quite alright if no campaign is underway.
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