I hereby consent to my child participating in the excursion described on the information sheets and to participate in any of the activities included on the terms and conditions following:

1. I/we recognises Skiing and Snowboarding are dangerous activities and there is an element of risk for my child.

2. I/we recognises that alpine skiing and snowboarding involves the use of chair lifts, T-bars, and other towing devises to take the students up the hills, which involves certain risks and injuries can result from falls from these devises.

3. Participants should wear the approved helmets and wrist guards (for snowboarders), which are provided by the hire establishment as part of their package but the parent and child acknowledges that no protective gear can protect the wearer against all possible injuries.

4. I/we understand that certain risks are normally involved in skiing and boarding including but not limited to collisions with other skiers and boarders, and other objects, as well as falls which can cause injury.

5. All skiing/ snowboarding lessons are conducted by the Ski Resorts that your child will be visiting and not by the attending teachers.

6. Your child accepts full responsibility for the manner in which they perform each activity and is responsible for obeying both teacher and Resort rules and guidelines.

7. The participant accepts responsibility for the Ski Hire they obtain and is responsible for its replacement costs and/or repairs if something happens to the equipment whether stolen, broken or lost. The cost will involve the cost to replace the items with that of new items of equal or greater quality.

8. It is the responsibility of the parent/ caregiver to provide correct information as to the skiing or boarding ability of their child and also as to whether or not they require lessons. If they indicate that lessons are not required, they take full and absolute responsibility for this decision, as it is the policy of CTHS to have lessons.

9. Students are responsible to ski or board in a safe and controlled manner at all times.

10. Parent/ caregivers recognise the fact that if lessons are provided that these only last for two hours of each day and that for the rest of the time their child will be skiing under the supervision of the school and not in lesson structures and conditions.

11. Knowing these inherent risks, I/we accept the Establishment, its owners, agents and employees and the school and their staff do not accept any liability for any accident, damage, injury to the child, spectator or any other person or property whatsoever I/ we indemnify the establishment and the school against any claim being made by the child or yourselves.

12. I have read the ‘Activity Information’ Sheet, The ‘Information Sheet’ for the excursion, The ‘What to Bring’ sheet and understand the risks are a part of the activities my child is participating in, what the trip involves and what I need to send with my child on the excursion.

13. In the event of any accident or illness, I authorise the obtaining on my behalf of such medical assistance, as my child requires. I also undertake to pay medical fees and/ or the cost of drugs that may be incurred.

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