2018 Diaspora Monologues: A Musicology Submission Form
Diaspora Monologues are the compelling expressions of diaspora as a concept that illustrates our spaces and uncovers our trajectories, intersections, tensions, and transformations. With beats, rhythm, and lyrics as our muse, we invite Chicago music makers and lovers to the stage for performances & reflections exploring the diaspora soundscape of their life/art/music. Performances will take place through the month of February in different locations across the city. The locations and dates will be announced before the end of the year. We are looking to feature music, movement and spoken reflections that explore the diaspora experience through the musical expressions of diaspora communities.

How has music and diaspora connected in your life/art/journey? What sounds have traveled with you? What music has found you? Where has your body traveled without ever leaving a place?

You can submit already written work/reflection, propose a work in progress (provide sample), propose a musical performance (provide video/audio sample of prior work), propose a dance/movement performance (provide video sample of prior work)

Please Fill out the form below and attach your your written/proposed submission or link to your work sample by Friday, January 15th.

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