Feedback on Albricias
We are considering a redesign/restructuring of Albricias to update our look and want to hear your feedback on the publication as a whole! Please answer in as much detail as possible so that we can do our best to take your opinions and experiences into account.

If you would like to look back over our most recent issue for more context, you can find it here:

Also feel free to email the editor, Faith Blackhurst, at
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What is your relationship to SHH and Albricias? *
What is the purpose of Albricias in your opinion? How does it serve you?
What do you like about how the publication looks?
What would you want to change about the appearance of Albricias? (structure, color, fonts, sizing, organization, layout, graphics, etc.)
Is there anything you feel should be added or removed?
Do you like the name "Albricias"? Why or why not? If you don't like it, do you have any suggestions of what would be a better fit?
Would you prefer that the publication had the style of an academic journal or a literary magazine? (Or somewhere in between?) *
Have you heard any feedback about Albricias from students? What do they like/dislike about the publication? What could we do to appeal more to them?
Have your students (or you) considered submitting any multimedia submissions? Why or why not? Do your students seem excited about this option?
Anything you want to add?
Would you be open to being contacted for follow-up questions? If yes, we will ask for your contact info. *
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