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Dr. Austin Hayes is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts and body. As one of the most trusted plastic surgeons in the Portland area, his goal is for you to have a great experience from the first meeting through the last check-up. He focuses on beautiful and natural results, provided in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

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Are You Curious To know About The Plastic Surgery Prices?
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Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery remains a medical, surgical act. The rigor is therefore in the choice of the practitioner especially now that the offers abound on the Internet. The question now is how to choose your plastic surgeon? Here are some tracks.

The council of the order of doctors: a first criterion of reliability
Exit the discussion forums where the opinions are not always reliable. Between vendettas, free attacks and misleading ads, opinions diverge, making it hard for you to know which way to dance. If, nevertheless, you need the advice of a person who has had the experience of plastic surgery, it would be better to rely on word of mouth .
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But the best way to ensure the credibility of an aesthetic surgeon remains his status, his qualifications and his experiences. For a first selection criterion, find your plastic surgeon in the list of practitioners recognized by the order of doctors. It is good to know that any doctor can try plastic surgery but only those recognized by the order of doctors are admitted as specialists in reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetics, their curriculum being authentic.

Price transparency can also be a criterion of choice
You will find on the Internet hundreds of plastic surgeons who praise their know-how and the quality of their interventions, accessible at low cost. Many use the word "cheap" to bait the customers. Too much publicity on this path should give rise to a certain mistrust among applicants for cosmetic surgery, taking into account the fact that an intervention involves many costs , if we only mention consultation, anesthesia, medicines, the price from the room or the surgeon's honorarium.
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To choose your practitioner, prefer those who display a total transparency in price . Many cosmetic surgeons give you details on the price of each type of intervention and what this price includes, or at least, the practitioner gives you a price range. You will find these on the website of the practitioner, a site that serves only as an information portal, more than advertising.

Get an idea after first contact
After a first selection from these few criteria of choice, schedule appointments with some surgeons and make an initial idea from this first approach. A good plastic surgeon will be the one who will not say yes to all your requests, even the most extravagant ones. The good surgeon will say no to a risk intervention. A good plastic surgeon will also consider the details of your medical condition: medical history, alcohol or cigarette consumption, sugar levels, ...
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Anyway, do not ignore the feeling. Consider your first impression on the practitioner. If the current passes, so much the better. If you feel apprehension for one reason or another, take it into account and take the time to find the surgeon with whom you feel best . This is important for intervention, building trust, etc. Another clue to recognize a good cosmetic surgeon: it will ask you that the intention to make you operate is well thought out and does not fall under a simple whim.
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