Airdrop 1
NAMEK is a Bounty/Airdrop platform, to list, manage and find opportunities.
NMK Token's utility is to reward holders by sharing with them various tokens based on the percentage of the NMK they hold.

10'000'000 NMK for the first 20'000 valid participants!
First come first served! Each participant will earn max 500 NMK tokens with the value of 50$

_ Conditions

Sign-up and verify email:

1) (100 NMK)

Join/Follow us on:

2) (100 NMK)
3) (100 NMK)
4) (50 NMK)
5) and retweet the pinned post (50 NMK)

----------------------------------- OPTIONAL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6) (50 NMK)
7) (50 NMK)

*) Join our sponsored Airdrop Channel (


You must stay in our social until the end of ICO
Your social must be public to let us to verify it

All questions about the airdrop ask only in this group

On Email write down the email used to sign-up on the website



Follow us on Github and get an extra 100 NMK tokens
Github account : - only for developer/coder

Change your Picture with our ICON (click on our telegram ICON and download it), and add in your name
you must have it until the end of ICO you will get an additional 100 NMK tokens



to refer someone change @xxxxxxx with your telegram @username and share your link
you gain 20 NAMEK per each person referred

Namek will reserve the right to change any rules, or make any changes, if necessary.

Email address *
2) Have you joined the NAMEK Telegram Community? ( 100 NMK *
3) Have you joined the NAMEK Telegram airdrop/bounty? ( 100 NMK *
4) Have you joined the NAMEK Telegram channel? ( 50 NMK *
Your Telegram @username? *
5) Have you followed us on Twitter and retweeted the pinned post? ( 50 NMK *
Your Twitter link profile (https://...): *
6) Have you followed us on Facebook? ( 50 NMK
Your Facebook link profile (https://...):
7) Have you followed us on Linkedin? ( 50 NMK
Your Linkedin link profile (https://...):
Ether Address: *
Github link profile only if you are a developer/coder (https://...):
Optional - With Namek platform you can earn NMK tokens by doing bounty jobs, tell us what your specialty, like translation - coding - video maker - writing a good article etc etc... (please be specific for example if you can translate write in which language, if you are a coder - if python, java and so)
Write the telegram @username who referred you:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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