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Sorry about all the text to read below. These are special times that require special registration procedures...

Please complete all the fields and click the Submit button in order to register for each event. We will have one map printed for you for each course you register for. Registration closes at 9am on the DAY BEFORE an event. If you need to make a change, please do so before this time by clicking the link to edit your entry in the confirmation email you will receive.

Families orienteering together (e.g. parent and child sharing a map and SI finger stick) only need to have one person submit this form, but EVERYONE going out on a course must be a current Foothills Orienteering Club member and must complete each of the following steps:

Due to insurance and safety requirements, each participant must do the following BEFORE attending the event:
1) purchase an annual Foothills Orienteering Club membership; 2) submit the new online waiver if you purchased your membership before June 2020; 3) pre-register for a map using this form; 4) bring a Health Declaration Form that was COMPLETED ON THE DAY of the event; and 5) bring hand sanitizer plus any other personal protective equipment that you require. Note: Alberta Health recommends masks should NOT be worn during intense physical activity but you may wish to wear one at other times.

Note that even with the precautions taken, there is always a risk of virus transmission. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please email president@orienteeringcalgary.ca or consider one of our alternative unsupervised activity options such as self-led GPS or permanent orienteering courses.

Please see the event page on orienteeringcalgary.ca if you need to complete any of the above steps or need more information. You will NOT be able to register or complete any of these forms at the event.
Email address *
First Name *
Enter the participant's first name (please use same name that you used to register for a Foothills Orienteering membership this year). Due to insurance requirements, only current Foothills Orienteering members (which includes current SOGO members and parents of parented Squirts programs) may enter a course. Only enter one participant's name per each form submitted.
Last Name *
Enter the participant's surname (please use same name that you used to register for a Foothills Orienteering membership this year, unless it is "Kort", which means 'short' in Swedish and messes up our Swedish timing software, in which case just use the letter K).
SI Number *
A SI Number is the number on your SportIdent finger stick. Due to the need for paperless registration and tracking of participants, everyone must have their own SI stick and cannot share one at the same event (except for a family orienteering together sharing a map). If you do not own an SI stick, we will lend you one which you can keep for the Fall season, but if you don't return it, we will require $40 from you to replace it. If you do not have your own SI stick, please enter "0" below. If you have one (including a loaner from the Club), please enter your SI number (on the finger stick) below and bring it with you because we only have a limited number of SI sticks to loan out.
Roughly how many more FWOC SI events do you think you might attend this Fall?
We will use this number to help plan events and determine how to allocate loaner SI finger sticks. In a "normal" Fall season, we have 10 events (typically Sunday mornings, but sometimes Wednesday nights or Saturdays).
Would you like to request a dedicated start time window? *
Normally, you can start the course at any time as long as you keep 2m away from all others at all times. However, if desired, you can request to be in a dedicated start time window that may help avoid any congestion around the course start. We will post information on the dedicated start window on the event page at least one day before the event, but typically it will be about one hour before the course closes. This may help ensure faster runners have started ahead of you.
Which event are you registering for? *
Which course are you registering for? *
Note: not all of the following courses are offered at each event. Please see the event page for descriptions of the courses that will be offered. If you select a course that is not offered that night, we will print a map for you on the next easier course offered. We will print you one map for this course on the day before the event. If you no longer can attend the event, please select the last option.
Volunteering to Help / Other Comments
We rely on volunteers to help pickup controls at the end of the event, set out controls, or plan courses (we will show you how). If you can help with any of these, please let us know the specific details of which dates and roles you can help out with. Although we appreciate general offers of help, what we really need now is people to pick a date and let us know your plan. Thanks!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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