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Economics at Tuitiongenius classes are taught by Mr Eugene Toh, and we are the most highly rated Economics tuition programme in Singapore - click here to read more about testimonials by ex-students -->

Here are some important things to note:

1) The trial lesson is free-of-charge if the student does not register for the tuition. However, if the student decides to join, the trial lesson will be considered the first payable lesson of the billing cycle.

2) You can bring a friend for the free trial lesson - if both of you choose to register after the free trial lesson, you get a $20 discount off monthly fees (or $60 off term fees)

3) Free trial lessons are not always available - Mr Toh's classes are generally filled up by April or May each year, and while we'd like to accommodate your request for a trial lesson, that may not be possible if our classes are already really packed!

If you wish to register for classes outright - you can visit the following link instead:

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