CDP Resolution Supporting Citizen Statements on Ballot Propositions
WHEREAS California voters in recent decades have been asked to weigh in on an increasing number of complex, highly technical ballot initiatives, which are accompanied by a flood of partisan advertising that, while purporting to educate voters, in many cases misinforms the electorate and obfuscates the issues, becoming a source of frustration, confusion, and bad decision making, such that a recent poll conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California showed that 90% of Californians believe that the initiative process is controlled at least in part by special interests; and

WHEREAS 10 years ago, civic reformers in Oregon pioneered a process to counter partisan misinformation whereby panels of voters chosen by lot learn how to assess and deliberate proposals, scrutinize selected statewide ballot measures, hear from and question experts and pro and con partisans, and produce a short statement in plain language that is published in the state voter pamphlet sent to every voter that honestly and objectively lists the key facts, their implications, and pros and cons for each initiative; and

WHEREAS the effects of the panel statements have been studied over time and been shown over all demographics to increase voter confidence and understanding of ballot proposals; moreover, voters spent twice as much time reading citizens' statements than partisan statements, learned more from them, trusted them more, and were more likely to vote as a result; therefore be it

RESOLVED, the California Democratic Party, to address problems of misinformation and confusion that attend ballot propositions, supports including in the official state voter pamphlet brief, plain language ballot-proposition statements developed by a body of voter peers that provide balanced, objective information to voters; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party recognizes that inclusion of peer statements in the voter pamphlet will increase voter engagement and thoughtful participation in the voting process, producing better decision making, better policy making, and more voter confidence in the democratic process.

Authored by Wayne Liebman, AD54

Jacob Bendicksen AD3
David Hildebrand AD8
Ales Lee AD9
Susan Bolle AD10
Donald Lathbury AD15
Igor Tregub AD15
Cecilia Minalga AD16
Marilyn Cachola Lucey  AD16
Austin Tam AD18
Howard Egerman AD18
Rudy Espinoza AD22
Meghan Fraley AD24
Jordan Eldridge AD28
Glenn M Glazer AD29
Michael Brian Mayo AD33
Giovanni Christon-Pope AD36
Mindy Pfeiffer AD41
Suzy Peterson AD42
Jo Ann Bollen AD42
Nicholas Christensen AD42
Deborah Dunaway AD42
Analisa Swan AD43
Margo Rowder AD43
Renay Grace Rodriguez AD45
Adrienne Burk AD46
Steve Pierson AD46
Lauren Perotti AD46
Isabel Storey AD50
Andrea Morgan-Chun AD50
Tamara Levenson AD50
Brian Colker AD50
Susan Sheu AD50
Melissa Grant AD50
Jackie Pepper AD50
Scott Epstein AD50
Steve Bott AD50
Ilissa Gold AD50
Charles Taylor AD50
Daniel Bral AD50
Jessica Craven AD51
Rocio Rivas AD51
Selene Betancourt AD51
Carolyn “Jiyoung” Park AD51
Koreen Cea AD51
Greg Bartlett AD54
Herman Jones, AD54
Sara Roos AD54
Freddy Puza A54
Will Herrera AD54
Naomi Goldman AD54
Patrick MacFarlane AD54
Michele Reed AD54
Javier Moro AD54
Shetarrah Byfeld AD54
Jane Wishon AD54
Elina Antoniou  AD54
Joe Rose AD59
Brendon Cooper AD59
Cara Robin AD62
Bill Reynolds AD66
Sara H Deen AD66
Jane Affonso AD66
Jorge R Lopez AD67
Colin Whittington AD67
Lisa Andres AD67
Maliha Williamson AD67
Dennis Bress AD74
Matthew Cappiello  AD75
Gloriani Weiss  AD75
Harold Standerfer AD76
Aleena Jun Nawabi AD77

San Diego County Democratic Party
Region 18, California Democratic Party
Region 16, California Democratic Party
Region 14, California Democratic Party
Culver City Democratic Club
Democratic Club of Pacific Palisades
West LA Democratic Club
Stonewall Democratic Club
Santa Monica Democratic Club
Encinitas and North Coast Democratic Club
New Frontier Democratic Club

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