Colony Tracking Form
     This Colony Tracking Form must be completed for EACH colony you manage with 6 or more cats.  For the purposes of tracking, a "Colony" will be defined as 6 or more feral, stray or abandoned cats.  
     Upon submission of  this form you will be provided with both a Client/Caretaker# and a Colony#. The Client/Caretaker# will be used for an individual whether you have one colony or several.  Each colony will be assigned it's own Colony#, so that if the Caretaker changes, that Colony# will follow the colony to it's new caretaker.
     This information will allow us to meet the City of Canandaigua ordinance established in April 2013 for those individuals caring for more than 6 cats .  In addition, The Colony Caregivers, will be able to track our progress for control of the feral, stray and abandoned cats in Ontario County, NY.
     Once this form has been submitted you will then be contacted to sign a Caretaker Responsibility for TNVR or you can go to the Clinic Request page to fill out and submit it. The Caretaker Responsibility for TNVR document outlines your responsibilities in working with our organization and The Colony Caregivers responsibilities to you.
     Any Questions, please send and email to:  Please include your name, phone number and the best times to contact you.
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Client/Caretaker Last Name *
Client/Caretaker First Name *
Email Address
Phone #  with area code *
Please enter as 555-333-1234
Mail Address of Client/Caretaker *
Example: Canandaigua, Manchester, Geneva
Colony Street Address *
If colony is located at a different address. Please provide that location. OR enter Same As Above
Zip-code for Client/Caretaker Address listed above. *
Town you are located in?
Example: Hopewell, Richmond
Colony Setting *
If you chose Other above, please describe Setting
ie.  Abandoned warehouse or residential house
Do you own the property where you are feeding/sheltering? *
If not, please state relationship (i.e. workplace, aunt's farm, etc.)
Questions Below
For the following questions you may not know all the answers at this time.  Please follow the guidelines below each question in order to provide what is know to you at this time.
Total Number of Cats Currently at this Location *
It is not always possible to get exact count, please supply the number to your best count.
Number of SPAYED Females *
If unknown enter 0
Number of UNSPAYED Females *
If unknown enter 0
Number of NEUTERED Males *
If unknown enter 0 (zero)
Number of UNNEUTERED Males *
If unknown enter 0 (zero)
Number of Kittens at this Location *
If there are no kittens enter 0 (zero)
Approx. Age of Kittens
If known.
Are any of the Cats/Kittens Adoptable *
How many cats/kittens have you adopted out from this location since you started caretaking *
If none, enter 0 (zero)
Description of Site *
List & Describe any Shelters, Feeders, Structures on the property used for the purpose of shelter/feeding the cats. Location of these structures MUST be stated.
How long have you been caring for this colony? *
Please estimate when you started and enter as mm/dd/yyyy.
Other Caretaker Info *
Provide additional name, address & phone information for other caretakers who help at this location.  An emergency alternate will be required. The emergency contact can be someone else in the same household.
Veterinarian or Clinic that may perform medical care when needed *
Please provide name and address.  If none, enter NONE
Have all the cats already spayed/neutered in this Colony been eartipped?
When neutered, feral, stray and abandoned cats left ear will have the tip removed.
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