AHW Putting It Into Action - Weeks 3&4
Choose one of the following activities to apply what you learned about your health and your healthy
goal setting. Write a short paragraph (3 to 5 sentences) to describe what you did and learned from
the activity selected. Report your Putting It Into Action results by email, fax or hard copy to your
county Extension Office. Each team member who completes this by the deadline will earn 25 bonus
points for the team.
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Option 1: Practice using the MyPlate visual. Get a 9inch plate and divide the foods you are having for your meal in the appropriate food group section. Do they fit? Are you missing any food groups? Are the portions the size you normally eat? What could you do differently to make your meal better fit the MyPlate model?
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Option 2: Plan your exercise routine for this week. Report on ways you could adapt at least 2 of the FITTS principles to change your routine for the following week.
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Option 3:Report what you normally eat for breakfast. Does it include at least three of the food groups? What could you add to make it more nutritious? Report what you plan to have for breakfast over the next 5 days.
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