Cosplay Contestant
AfroCon 2020 is Virtual!

Are you interested in participating in the Cosplay Contest at AfroCon 2020 on October 10, 2020? That's great! Please provide some basic information and we will knock down anyone in our way to get back to you quickly!

*You don't have to submit your cosplay yet. Just let us know that you want to participate so we can add you to the roster.

Here's what we'll need by Friday, September 25:
~Completion of Cosplay Interest form
~1-3 photos submitted as jpeg or png files
~1 minute mp4 video of you in your costume to stream on the day of the event
Email address *
Full Name *
What characters are your favorite to Cosplay? *
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Phone # *
IG. FB, Website or Past Performance Links (please label or describe URLs) *
Anything else you want to let us know?
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