Troop On-line Activity #59 - Lightning Safety
1st Kanata Scout Group - Beaverbrook Troop
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Mom: I see you won a silver medal at camp.  What’s it for?
Matt: It’s for telling knock knock jokes.
Mom: And what’s that gold medal for?
Matt: For stopping.
Saying (to think about)

To do two things at once is to do neither.
As you can see from the image of the tree struck by lightning below, knowing how to stay safe during a lightning storm can be a matter of life and death.
Environment Canada has an information sheet, "When thunder roars, go indoors", that has some good tips about staying safe from lightning.
Below is a list of what you should do when lightning occurs and you are stuck outdoors.  Read through it then answer the questions.
1 - What danger should you keep alert for when you seek shelter in a low lying area (like a ditch) to keep safe from lightning? Check the box next to the correct answer.
1 point
Just for interest, no question.  
2 - During a lightning storm, what should you avoid "being" in an open area? Check the box next to the correct answer.
1 point
Just for fun, no question.
3 - During a lightning storm in a forest, you should seek shelter where? Check the box next to all the correct answers.
2 points
Just for fun, no question.
4 - When a lightning storm threatens and you are on a lake you should get to land as quickly as possible.  True or False?  Check the box next to the correct answer.
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