2019 Tekko Performance Contest Registration
Please review the all of the rules below before registering for this competition. They can be found at http://www.teamtekko.us/cosplay/

If you are entering as a group, please submit only ONE form. The person submitting will be responsible for sharing the necessary information to the other group members.

What is your full name? *
This should be your legal name as it appears on your ID. It will not be shared outside of cosplay staff and only used in case a prize requires it (such as post-Masquerade pick up.)
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What are your pronouns? *
What is your email? *
Make sure this is one you check often. All official correspondence will be done through this email. If you are a group leader, it is your responsibility for distributing all necessary information to your group.
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What is your preferred stage name, or, if you are registering for a group, what is your group name? *
This is whatever you (and your group, if applicable) will respond to. If you go by your legal name, put that here (we'll use first name and last initial). If your name is unique, please include a pronunciation guide. If you have any privacy concerns, please include in the notes section, or email cosplay@teamtekko.us
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If a group, who are your group members?
You don't need all group member's legal names, but make sure they are the names they wish to be made public. For example, "Sarah P. (she/her), Dragon Cosplay (he/him), Nekocat (they/them)"
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What division do you wish to compete in? *
If you're not sure, how experienced of a performer are you/your group?
How many Masquerades have you participated in? How many awards have you won on the merit of performance? Have you performed outside of conventions?
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What is the name of your performance? *
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Describe your planned performance. Include any characters, the series they are from, and music credits. *
List the series and all the characters appearing and what they will be doing. If you use any music, please list the song and artist. For example, "Mario and Bowsette from Super Mario Bros will be singing "Love Game" by Lady Gaga." You don't need to include a full script, just a basic description.
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Who wrote your performance? *
Is this a skit or song you and your group wrote? Are you covering a song, or parodying a famous play or meme?
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Is there anything else you need us to know, such as privacy concerns, mobility or vision restrictions caused by your costume, or any personal accessibility requirements?
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Are you interested in pre-recording your audio in a studio? *
You will need to be in the Pittsburgh area.
OPTIONAL: Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page dedicated to your cosplay that you would like Tekko to tag while sharing images taken at show?
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