Pyjama Pursuit 2023
Free Festive 5k for BvH members only. Friday 29th December, in the morning, Rowheath Pavilion. Exact time tbc, probably approx 11am.

The event is handicapped according to your best performance of the year. e.g. someone who has done a 5km in 21 minutes this year will be starting 9 minutes after someone who has a 30 minute time. So please provide your best result of the year to aid the handicapping process!

As it's a cold time of year pyjamas and additional bedroom attire are traditionally worn, but are not compulsory!

Check out the route video:

Here’s the Strava map:
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2023 5k Best Performance time of the calendar year (if you've done a 5k or parkrun)
Evidence link for 5km event (if available) e.g. Strava, parkrun results, Run Britain Rankings, organiser results page, etc
If you haven't got a 5k time for this year, or if your best 5km time is completely inappropriate, then please provide your best appropriate performance from any other event or distance this calendar year. State distance and time below.
Your equivalent 5km time will be determined from this.

Evidence link for above alternative event, if applicable
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** Please provide the actual number, don't just say "whatsapp". You wouldn't believe how often people do that! :D **
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