Lhabab Duchen Offering 释迦牟尼佛降凡日供养
7/11/2020 - The twenty-second day of the Ninth month of the Tibetan calendar, which is the sacred day of the celebration of the Buddha's descent from Tushita heaven. In celebration of the great occasion, pujas to pay homage and make offerings to Guru Shakyamuni Buddha and the Sixteen Sthaviras are usually held. It is auspicious to perform meritorious activities on this specific day when the effects of any action multiply 100 million times.

7/11/2020 - 藏历九月二十二日是纪念佛陀上天为母说法毕,重返娑婆世界之 “降凡日”。佛陀之亲母,在佛陀出生后不久便去世,转生于天界,佛陀在示现成佛后,曾上天为母说法。复重返娑婆世界的日子故称为降凡节纪念日。在藏历九月期间每天若能共同修持各种善业,每天其功德福报更加不可思议,因为所有参与共修者均可同时获得共修的全部利益, 其功德都会呈十亿倍地增上。

Last day to order: 5 Nov. 2020, 15:00hrs. 最后订购日期:2020年11月5日,15:00分
1. Thousand offerings (of incence, fruit, flowers, biscuits, snacks and beverages etc.) 千祭供品 (香, 水果,花,饼干,零食和饮料等.) $10 (per name/每名)
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2. Candle Light Offering - 莲花蜡烛供灯
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3. 108 Candle Lights Offering 108蜡烛供灯
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4. Offering to Sangha ( write the amount below). 供僧 (随喜乐捐 - 请在下面填下金额)
5. Offering to Norbu Choling Centre (write the amount below). 供养法宝卓林中心 (随喜乐捐 - 请在下面填下金额)
Dedication Name :(e.g. Your Name & Family) - 受益人
Dedication Wishes - 祈愿
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