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BEAM is unable to sponsor visas.
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Being 16 while at camp is a precondition for employment. You must check the boxes appropriate for the jobs you're applying for.
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Short-answer Questions
We're trying to get a sense of who you are as a person. Will you fit in with the students? Will they look up to you as a role model? Are you prepared to teach the level of mathematics at the program? Will you fit in with our staff?

You do not need to be formal or use a lot of words, although we generally looking for substantive answers to our questions. Although the text boxes default to a small size, there is no word limit, and we encourage you to be complete in your answers.

Why do you want to be a counselor? What do you think you'll get out of it?
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Do you have any experience working with children?
If yes, tell us about it. What did you do? Which parts did you enjoy the most, and what did you enjoy less? What were the challenges, and how did you overcome those challenges?
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What other experiences have you had that are relevant to this role?
For example, share a leadership role you've held, an independent project that you've done, or some teaching experiences that you've had.
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Our students are in a new environment and we need them to build trust with adults quickly. Talk about a time when you gained someone else's trust in a short amount of time. How did you build that relationship?
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Tell us about a time when you struggled to explain or teach something to another person. What different ways or approaches did you use? What was successful about what you did? What didn't work?
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Tell us about a recent teamwork experience.
What did you do? What went well, and what went poorly? Is there anything you'd do differently? What do you think makes a team successful?
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Imagine you had to convince an adult that math is interesting to think about. What's a problem or idea that you would use to convince them? Be specific. Why do you find it interesting?
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BEAM has a small staff and will only run smoothly if all staff members take initiative and step in to help whenever they are needed. Talk about a time when you noticed something that was not running smoothly. What was the situation? What did you notice? What did you do?
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Counselor Team
We are looking to have a counselor team that balances different strengths and abilities. Some of the things we are looking for in a counselor are:

- Math knowledge and background
- Creative problem solving skills
- Ability to bond and empathize with students
- Role model pathway: has achieved while overcoming some of the same obstacles as our students
- Reliable at logistics, organizing events, running systems
- Experience working with this age group

Choose two of these that you feel you are strongest in, and explain why you feel these are your strengths.
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Which of these do you expect you will grow the most in while a counselor at BEAM and why?
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We ask that you submit the contact information for three references who know you well. They may be contacted after an interview. We are respectful of their time, and will only ask to speak with them for five minutes

When selecting references, please consider:

The best references will be able to speak to a combination of your work habits, your knowledge of math, and your interactions with children. Try to select references who can provide this type of information.

Family members and significant others cannot serve as references.

In general, friends cannot serve as references, unless they have also been your supervisor, employee, group leader, TA, or similar.

Reference 1: Name
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Reference 1: Title
How should we address our email to them? Professor, Ms., Mr., Dr., etc.
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Reference 1: How does this person know you?
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Reference 1: E-mail Address
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Reference 1: Phone
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Reference 2: Name
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Reference 2: Title
How should we address our email to them? Professor, Ms., Mr., Dr., etc.
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Reference 2: How does this person know you?
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Reference 2: E-mail Address
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Reference 2: Phone
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Reference 3: Name
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Reference 3: Title
How should we address our email to them? Professor, Ms., Mr., Dr., etc.
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Reference 3: How does this person know you?
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Reference 3: E-mail Address
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Reference 3: Phone
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Which of these activities would you enjoy or feel comfortable leading?
I know how to do this well enough to teach other people, and I would like to lead it!
I'm not an expert in this, but I'd be excited to learn and then run the activity.
I'd rather not lead this.
Ultimate Frisbee
Capture the Flag
Another sport (specify below)
Rubik's Cube
Set (the card game)
Dominion (the card game)
Other board games (specify below)
Dancing (specify below)
Arts and Crafts (specify below)
Beyond academics, the students' social experience is very important to the program's success. Plan a one-hour activity that you would run with about 10-15 students.
For example, sports, arts and crafts, dancing, improv, games, a short hike, or something new! All of the activities above are fair game, but make sure to include details of how you'd run it, what equipment you might need, what special setup would be necessary, or anything else important to the activity.
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Do you have any other activity ideas? Show off your creativity!
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Do you speak any languages other than English? If so, which ones?
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Do you know how to program? If yes, what languages?
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For BEAM Discovery NYC: One of your job responsibilities will be to meet students at a subway stop near their home and commute with them to and from the program. Please select all neighborhoods/stops you would be able to get to by 8 am to meet students, dropping them off again around 5:30pm.
If you would like to clarify any of these, please explain in the "Other" option.
How did you learn about BEAM? *
Please be as specific as possible. If you've met or know any of our staff, please include that here as well.
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Have you applied to work for BEAM before?
If yes, please include the year and position you applied for.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?
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Thank you!
We're excited to get your application. You should get an e-mail confirmation when this form submits, and then we'll follow up with you about an interview or other next steps.
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