USQ Sanctioned Youth Quidditch Workshop
US Quidditch is extending an opportunity to members to apply to host a USQ sanctioned youth quidditch workshop. As a USQ hosted youth workshop, you would be eligible to receive a certificate of insurance that provides proof of liability insurance from USQ for a facility, city, park and rec district, etc. Naming an entity as additional insured may be available upon request. Please note that we will have to review specific insurance requests and may not be able to fulfill all insurance requirements.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for any requests to be reviewed, approved, and processed. If your application is not approved, you will be informed as soon as possible. If you have any questions, email
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Workshop Information
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If yes, please elaborate on previous workshop experiences. If no, please elaborate on the skills and experience level the presenter has that would transfer to hosting a workshop. *
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Please be as detailed as possible with date and time.
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Please include the name and full address of the location.
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Info packet can be found on the USQ resources page, or also are linked here:
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What measures will you take to ensure that your event is safe? *
Do you agree to host a workshop that provides water for participants, has a first aid kit available on-site, and follows the US Quidditch Youth Rulebook? *
Insurance Details
Who needs to be listed as the certificate holder? *
This is normally the facility or the name of the organization that owns the facility.
Does anyone need to be listed as additional insured? If so, list the requirements. *
Are there any other insurance requirements for us to be aware of? If so, list them below.
For example, do they require an endorsement certificate?
Is there a deadline other than the event date that the certificate of insurance is needed by? If so, please share below.
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