UvA | Time- and Projectmanagement - evaluation Febr. 2 & 24, 2023
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1. What did you think of the part about 'How you spend your time' (questionnaire, reflect on it in pairs and plenary)? *
1a. Remarks on 1:
2. How do you rate the part about 'Urgent versus important' (insight into how to approach your activities and which choices to make)? *
2a. Remarks on 2:
3. How do you rate the exercise 'Where you spend your time on' (ideal hours per week versus time hours next week)? *
3a. Remarks on 3:
4. What did you think of the Project management case (plan a project and present it in a structured way)? *
4a. Remarks on 4:
5. How do you rate the part 'Plan your PhD' (visualise the whole project and reflect on it)? *
5a. Remarks on 5:
6. In these two days of the course programme, were there items which you valued less or didn't find  necessary? *
6a. If so, which parts of the programme and why?
7. Are there subjects you missed in these parts of the programme? *
7a. If so, which parts and why?
8. Which part(s) did you appreciate the most? And why? *
9. What feedback would you provide to the trainer, Astrid ter Wiel? *
10. Please grade the programme of these two days using a mark (from 1 to 10; 1 being the worst evaluation, 10 the best): *
11. Do you have any other remarks about the programme (duration, organization, location, etc.)?
Thank you!
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