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Thank you for your recent enquiry. This form will allow you to book for the Autumn term which is running from 9th September - 28th November 2019. Classes will take place at Westfield Children’s Centre, Knavesmire Children’s Centre and Hob Moor Children's Centre. To book a place, please complete the details below to secure your space.

SPECIAL OFFER! Sign up with a friend and you both get the term for £50 each!

We are delighted to have you join our classes and hope that you enjoy learning how to teach your baby to communicate
before they can talk.

For our register and insurance purposes, we require a few contact details from you. Your details will remain strictly confidential to TinyTalk and will not be passed onto any third parties. We may contact you with information about future events and classes. There are also a couple of questions about how you heard about TinyTalk. Your answers will greatly benefit the service I provide. If you would rather not provide your details online, please contact me and I will send you a hard copy booking form.

What is TinyTalk?
TinyTalk teaches babies to communicate using signs based on British Sign Language. Signs are much easier to learn than spoken words. This means your baby can explain what they want and what they need from a younger age. This helps to remove the frustration felt by all young children when they cannot make themselves understood.

The classes are built around a range of musical actions songs, sensory activities and free play. They are suitable for all babies aged between 0 and 18 months and great fun for everyone! As children get older they can progress to Toddler Talk where there is greater emphasis on turn taking, inter-communication skills and signs to support words that are hard to form.

The email address you submit below will be used to send you a copy of this booking form which has all the term dates and details that you will need and for any future booking forms you will need to fill in. For ongoing communication please see the Privacy section where you can choose your preferences.
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