August 2018 Galaxy Survey
With the month of August comes the final edition of the 2017-2018 Galaxy, marking the run-up to Grand Chapter and all the excitement and activities of the end of one Grand Chapter year and the start of a new year. Please complete this month’s questionnaire and let us know your opinions about this year’s Galaxy publication. Thanks!
In 5 words or less, what’s your overall opinion of this year’s Galaxy?
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Which features have you enjoyed the most? Check all that apply:
Which features did you most often ignore?
What other features would you like to see added to the Galaxy?
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A reality check—a full-color, 20-page Galaxy costs about $3 per issue to print and requires a minimum of 200 hard copies mailed in order to qualify for the permit mailing discount (to avoid first class postage). Your subscription right now costs $10 per year for four copies, so the math does *not* work out. Keeping in mind that printing fewer copies would almost always be more expensive, would you be willing to pay more for your annual subscription?
Would you be willing to have dues raised to cover the cost? Then every dues-paying member would be entitled to receive a hard copy mailing…
Do you have other suggestions to help balance this budget item?
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