Emerging Leaders Peer Network: Committee Application Form
The Emerging Leaders Peer Network (ELPN) is a platform for growth, achievement, and opportunity among a cohort of affordable housing practitioners and advocates. ELPN fosters members’ long-term personal and professional development, and helps build connections that support the affordable housing industry.

ELPN is seeking new members to join the:
- Steering Committee
- Events Sub-Committee
- Communications Sub-Committee
- Professional Development Sub-Committee

Details below.

We welcome your interest in joining one of our committees! This application is due December 6, 2019.

Details on the committees and expectations of membership are here:

The ELPN Steering Committee oversees various activities of the group to ensure coordination among subcommittees, and is closely involved in fundraising and communications activities including leading subcommittees and proposing new programming for ELPN. The Steering Committee members serve as either a co-chair of a sub-committee, or in another, "at large" role (like Treasurer, Secretary, Member Engagement, Fundraising, Communications, etc) that supports the organization overall.

Core responsibilities of Steering Committee members include:
- Attend Steering Committee Retreat (January 25th, 2020, 9:30-2pm);
- Two year minimum commitment to the steering committee;
- Attend Steering Committee meetings (approx. one per month); and
- Serve as a co-chair or in an "at-large" role and support the efforts of the organization.

The Events Committee is responsible for overseeing and coordinating special ELPN events, including our mid-year party, year-end party, Housing CA post-conference happy hour, NPH post-conference happy hour, and Housers of Color happy hour. Joining the Events Sub-Committee offers an opportunity to hone in your events coordination, project management, and budgeting skills.

Events Sub-Committee Commitments:
1. Source venues for Special Events
2. Manage day of event logistics
3. Assist in the creation of events budget

The Communications Sub-Committee provides general communications support through our mass email platform. Joining the Communications Sub-Committee offers an opportunity to sharpen your communications skills.

Communications Sub-Committee Commitment:
1. Assist in preparing/distributing bi-weekly newsletter.

The Professional Development Sub-Committee organizes professional development trainings in technical and soft skills with experts from the field and leads tours of affordable properties, and plans peer-to-peer networking events. Joining the Professional Development Sub-committee provides a unique opportunity to shape ELPN's annual program, and to meet and collaborate with leaders in the affordable housing industry.

Professional Development Sub-Committee Commitments:
1. Organize one training or tour per year;
2. Assist with at least one training or tour per year; and
3. Attend a majority of our committee calls, held monthly.


We strongly encourage women, people of color, LGBTQ persons, people of different levels of physical ability, and all qualified persons to apply!

Our timeline is as follows:
Applications Due - December 6
Decisions Announced by December 13
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