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Through this simple questionnaire we will help you figure out more details about the bioeconomy and its component. You can ask us about biomass, bio-based products, innovation & technologies, scientific papers, EU and national laws, and much more!
One of our partners will reach you within 5 working days and assist you with their best resources for the time needed.
Although we are experts in this field and very happy to assist you, please keep in mind our limitations in terms of resources and specific knowledge.
All the data we receive from you will be treated confidentially and respecting the GDPR regulations.

Some definitions for your attention:

• Biomass
Material of biological origin excluding material embedded in geological formations and/or fossilized

• Bio-based products (BBP) - definition in the 2007 Commission Report
Bio-based products refer to non-food products derived from biomass (plants, algae, crops, trees, marine organisms and biological waste from households, animals and food production).
Bio -based products may range from high value added fine chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food additives, etc., to high volume materials such as general bio polymers or chemical feedstocks. The concept excludes traditional bio-based products, such as pulp and paper, and wood products, and biomass as an energy source.

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