Amor 2020 | February 14-17 | Fri-Mon
Got questions about Amor?
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Click the link for FCBCLA-FAQs:

1) Complete this on-line participation form. Answer all questions.

2) You will be asked to provide your passport number. You must have a valid travel passport at time of travel.

3) This registration closes at the end of Sunday, Jan 19, 2020 or when participation reaches 30 total. (If space allows, late registrants (Jan 20 or later) may join with a $20 late fee.)

4) Arrive at church at 8:00AM on Friday, Feb 14. Departure is at 9:30AM from FCBC-LA in Chinatown. If you need an alternate time or unable to come to Chinatown, please contact to advise of your situation.

5) $200 for all participants. (All subsidies and cost-reductions are built into the fee.)
**Make all checks payable to First Chinese Baptist Church, Los Angeles, (or FCBCLA)
**Bring cash/check payment to training session or on the first day of the trip. (Sorry, no credit card payments.)
(NOTE: A required administrative fee of $45 for withdrawals on or after Mon, Feb 3, 2020. Contact
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READ: Should it be necessary for me to have medical treatment while participating in this activity, I hereby give the person(s) in charge permission to act on my behalf to secure medical services or hospitalization deemed necessary and appropriate by the physician. I absolve The First Chinese Baptist Church of Los Angeles, its personnel, and its corporate officers, from any and all forms of negligence and wrong treatment incurred in the procurement and process of hospitalization and medical treatment. PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME as an indication of your consent.
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