Mayor's Internship Program - Department Application for College/Graduate Interns: Summer 2012

The following application is for City departments and offices to request a Mayor's Intern (college/graduate intern). Please fill out the application completely and submit electronically by February 17, 2012.

Program Overview:
The Mayor's Internship Program (“MIP”) is a 10-week unpaid summer internship program for current upperclassmen enrolled in college and current graduate students beginning on June 4, 2012 and ending August 10, 2012. The Mayor's Internship Program is designed to expose interns to public service as a potential career, while providing them with hands-on work experience in City departments. Mayor's interns are assigned to projects providing research, administrative, and staff assistance to City managers within City departments and offices and participate in group enrichment activities, including a weekly speaker series and group project. The minimum weekly commitment for Mayor's Interns is 25 hours/week which includes 5 hours/week in leadership and training development, typically on Fridays.

The MIP consists of three main components:
- Work component: Placement in a single department completing substantive work assignments
- ”Exploring Government”: Every Friday programming that includes speaker events, visits to municipal operations and programs, and leadership development training
- Group project: An interdepartmental issue that a group of interns are assigned to analyze and develop strategies to address

Department expectations when hosting a Mayor's Intern:
- Each intern will be assigned to a supervisor, with no supervisor assigned more than
(2) interns.
- Host departments must identify space and supplies for their intern as well as suitable
- Department must obtain email and internet access for their intern (if necessary).
- Intern supervisors are asked to participate in a training in May 2012
- Intern supervisors must be available to host Mayor's Interns from June 4, 2012 to August
10, 2012.

Interview and Selection Timeline:
- March 5, 2012: Applicants forwarded to Department for interviews. Departments are
expected to conduct interviews with the applicants forwarded to them for an interview.
- April 6, 2012: Department interviews completed*
- April 16, 2012: Applicants notified by OLI staff of their selection to the program
- By April 30, 2012: Departments notified of the interns assigned to their
- June 4, 2012: Program starts.

* If a department decides not to interview a candidate sent to them by the Office
of Leadership Investment (“OLI”), they are asked to notify OLI staff of that