Phi Beta Delta Chapter Report
Please complete the chapter report form below and submit it by April 30th of every year.
Reports help the Vice Presidents of your region provide an updated report on chapter activities at the Board of Directors' meeting.
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8. Please list the number of new members you inducted and the list of dates of the induction(s) you held during this academic year. *
9. Please list the estimated number of active members in your chapter. *
10. Please indicate the numerical composition of your members by category (Faculty, Staff, U.S. Students (community college or 4 years college), and International Students, Alumni and Scholars). *
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12. Please provide links to your chapter website and/or social media.
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14A.How often do your officers meet?
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14B. How did your officers meet this academic year?
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15. Roughly how many programs/events does your chapter sponsor each academic year? *
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17. Describe the single best program or activity your chapter sponsored during this academic year. *
18. Does your chapter do any fundraising? *
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20. Does your chapter provide scholarships/awards to students or faculty? *
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23. Is there any way the National Office may be of assistance to your chapter? *
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