Burro Generation 6 Order Form
Over the course of the 2019 table grape season, we have tested a fleet of Burros with the support of the California Table Grape Commission.

Through this testing we have refined our autonomy, and have also shown productivity gains of 25% more fruit picked when using a Burro in a single row, and gains of 42% more fruit picked when using a Burro in full rows with more people.

Now, having done all of this testing, we are opening up ordering. Growers of table grapes can place orders for Burros for delivery in spring 2020.

These initial robots are priced at $9,000/unit, payable up front, plus shipping, and a service and software updates contract, which costs $2,000/year/robot, begins upon delivery, and is required for the first two years.

We are selling our robots at our cost, and, because Burros use state of the art autonomy, applied to complicated and heavy use farming settings, we are requiring a service and software updates contract which covers our projected costs for the service outlined while enabling us to ensure our products deliver for the first two years of use. This plan includes:
- Scheduled onsite training upon delivery (along with an operators manual)
- A Modem on each robot with 4G
- Remote access enabling growers who have modem/cell reception on their ranches to see their fleet
- Software/autonomy upgrades & updates
- Onsite servicing of Robots every 400 hours, or if components fail
- Onsite no cost repairs of any faulty components

To order burros for delivery in Spring 2020, fill out the form below with your information, and we will respond with next steps.

This is how fully autonomous farming in the table grape industry begins.
Burros in action in table grapes
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