ROCTE Job Shadow Event Review
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Why did your mentor choose this profession? *
Did you see the connection between your school courses and your job shadowing observations? *
Are there any other courses in high school that you could have taken or will be taking in the future to help better prepare yourself for this career? Explain. *
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ESSAY: Briefly provide a summary of your day. Describe not only the activities of the day but also be sure to include responses to the topics listed below. *
1. What new and interesting things did you learn about this career? 2. What did you already know about this career that was reinforced during your observation? 3. What were the working conditions (office, outdoor, lab, etc)? 4. Would you generally work with others or independently in this type of career? 5. Did your job shadowing experience change your mind about pursuing this career or are you now more interested than ever? Explain.
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