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At The Buckingham School, we take our students' safety and wellbeing very seriously. Everyone has the right to come to school to learn without fear of bullying, victimisation or discrimination of any kind.

Bullying can happen anywhere — at school, at home, online, or by text messaging or email. Bullying can come in different forms, all of which cause distress and pain for the person who is being bullied. Bullying is not tolerated in any form at The Buckingham School.

We appreciate the courage it has taken to reach out to us and understand that you may not feel comfortable providing your name. However, to allow us to follow up, we need this information. Please do not worry - your name will not be shared. 

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Thank you for reaching out to us; a member of the Anti-Bullying Team will be in contact and will deal with the issue sensitively and effectively.

Please remember that bullying is not tolerated in any form at The Buckingham School. 
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