Registration for Human iPSC Culture Workshop
The University of Colorado Boulder's Stem Cell Research and Technology Resource Center is offering a week-long, hands-on training workshop in the culture of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The goal of the workshop is to quickly give you the skills and knowledge you need so that you can get started independently and confidently growing your own iPSCs and undertaking iPSC-based experiments.

For a general list of topics that will be covered in the workshop and testimonials from participants, see:

All researchers, including undergraduate students and industry, are welcome! For undergraduate students, a faculty sponsor is required; please contact the Center Director, Teisha Rowland (, with any questions.
Times and Location:
Times: Wednesday, October 14 - Thursday, October 22, 2020 (agenda below). Times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Location: Trainees may participate entirely remotely (synchronously via Zoom) or participate in a limited, hands-on manner by attending three optional hands-on training sessions covering the remote laboratory training from that day (agenda below). All material will be covered remotely, and includes training videos taken in the laboratory. Optional hands-on training will take place at CU Boulder, Porter Biosciences.
Workshop Fee
The workshop fee is $720, or $1080 with the optional hands-on training, for internal (academic/campus) users. This is based on the Center's training rate of $80/hr, and the workshop's length of 9 hours or 13.5 hours with the optional hands-on training (not including the STEMCELL Technologies presentation on Oct. 16). These fees include all handouts, topical lectures, specialized remote laboratory training, and discussion and one-on-one training time with an iPSC expert. With the optional hands-on training, the fee includes use of dedicated iPSC equipment, iPSCs to practice with, one-on-one hands-on training time with an iPSC expert, and consumables sponsored by STEMCELL Technologies. (Similar iPSC workshops offered elsewhere typically range from $1500 - $2000 or more, not including the cost and time of travel, lodging, etc.) For more information on fees, including external corporate/industry rates, please see:
Register for the Workshop
Registration deadline for the entirely remote format is Monday, Oct. 12.
Registration deadline for optional hands-on training is Monday, Sept. 28. Register early; space is limited.
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What type(s) of cells (if any) have you cultured before? (The Center Director has trained people to culture human iPSCs with no prior cell culture experience, so any experience level is fine; having an idea of the different skill levels will help us best prepare for the workshop.) *
So we can best guide the workshop discussion, what is your goal for taking this workshop? What application(s) do you intend to adopt the iPSC workflow to support? (e.g., learn basics of undifferentiated human iPSC culture, learn differentiation to a specific target cell type, perform CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, etc.)
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