National BID Survey 2018
The 12th National BID Survey is now open and you have until 5pm on 30th June to respond.

We now have nearly 300 BIDs in the British Isles and this annual survey is becoming increasingly important. It allows a snapshot to be taken for policy makers, both local and national; it allows BIDs and their Boards to benchmark themselves and identify key performance indicators; it allows national and local levy payers to see if they are getting all the services that they should, and finally it allows new and developing BIDs to design their services and operations in the most effective fashion.

It is for these reasons that we hope that every BID is able to participate, so that the fullest possible picture is reflected in the final report.  The survey is the industry's only detailed data collection, carried out annually on behalf of all of us.

Data Collection, confidentiality and data protection

The National survey is an audit, and a service evaluation. It is designed and conducted solely to define or measure current BID services across the UK and Ireland. Our participants are entirely BID staff, the data are aggregated and anonymous, it is not possible to identify individual participants from any resulting report and use of the data will not cause substantial damage and distress. All data are collected from each BID through the on-line questionnaire, or through a follow-up phone call to the BID, or by way of publicly available validated sources from each BID by way of their business plans or web sites. The final report is anonymised as to individuals, although individual BID companies may be celebrated and thus identifiable. We are confident that it is of legitimate interest under GDPR rules. Please assume that all the information you provide will be used in the final report. We are registered with the Information Commissioner, and follow all data protection protocols.

We very much appreciate your assistance in gathering these data but recognise that your time is limited. For this reason we keep the number of questions being asked to a minimum. As the information provided will be pooled and analysed, accuracy of responses is important. Please note that where applicable, all questions relate to the financial year 2017/18 or your BID's equivalent last accounting period. If you are able please ensure that if the survey is completed by a staff member other than the BID Manager/Chief Executive that the draft submission is checked by the BID Manager/Chief Executive before submitting. We would recommend that you have easy access to your business plan and BID budget/HR details in order to fill in the survey.

If you are able to complete the survey in one sitting, much the easiest solution, the survey should take you approximately half an hour to complete.

If you need to complete the survey in a number of separate sittings could you click the below link to see precisely how to return to the survey. Once you begin submitting your responses to the survey, you have the option to complete it in multiple sittings. Each response has a unique URL. Please see below for instructions on how to retrieve your survey response. (Sadly if you don't follow these instructions step by step you wont be able to return to the survey at a later date)

A copy of the questions can be found at the above link too.

The National BID Awards

At the end of this survey you are asked to submit your chosen ‘BID Award' to be entered into our annual BID Awards. Your project is not limited to specific categories at this stage – it should be chosen as the most innovative/effective project that you feel your BID has delivered within the year 2017/18.

Thank you for taking the time to work with us and our partners on this important industry research piece.

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