CEP Shout Out!
Help the Climate + Energy Project celebrate our ten year anniversary by giving a shout out about our work over the years. Do you remember how hard CEP worked to uphold the Renewable Portfolio Standards against all odds until Kansas Utilities had fully integrated renewables? Do you love attending our days of education and advocacy at the capital? Were you so engaged in the Take Charge Challenge that you’re now an energy efficiency aficionado? Remember how much fun we had at the State Fair? Walk down memory lane with us and help us paint the picture of the future!

How does it work? Super easy!
We can work with you to put together a short video or audio shout out or you can create a video and send it to us.
Or, you can tell us your story using this form or by sending an email. Whatever works for you!

Not sure what to say? Think about:
How has the Climate + Energy Project has changed Kansas for the better?
What’s your favorite CEP moment?
Congratulate CEP on ten years of good work - toast us! Give us kudos!

We'll share the CEP Shout Outs on our Facebook page to help spread the word that good things are happening in Kansas.

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