Skills Questionnaire
Parents: We highly recommend that you fill this exam out with your son or daughter. This will help ensure that they understand what the question is asking them.

REC It Volleyball created this exam to help you figure out which level to sign up for. Answering the questions honestly will give you the best and most accurate results. If you select an answer that we determine makes your child a beginner in the skill, look out for feedback. The feedback tells you why it is a beginner skill and what they need to do to get their skill consistency up. We do not want you to pick answers because you think your child will get into a program if they have a specific score. This grading system is for you to use, so your child does not become overwhelmed because you signed them up for an intermediate program when they really should be in the beginner programs. Also, we want to avoid more advanced kids signing up for beginner programs because the chances are that they will become bored.

Some programs, like leagues, will have an in-person evaluation process so we can make the teams as fair as possible. Our staff will also use the results from this exam to help us determine which team they are placed on. This online exam should be consistent with how they play in the evaluation process. We understand that some kids may be nervous, but we will use our in-person evaluations before the online scores if the results are contrasting.
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